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Difference between Christianity and other Religions

Essentially what is the difference between the Christian God and other gods?

  1. The Chrisitan God is a God of Love and forgiveness: His Character is that He is love. He has
    expressed His love in His goodness toward all human beings.
    The Christian God has provided FREE eternal salvation, and all good things freely, to all
    human beings (no matter what religion they are of)
  2. He reached out and reached down to us. With Jesus,instead of God requiring that you work
    hard, be perfect, or even punish yourself, to earn your salvation, (as other belief systems do).
    Instead, He paid to fulfill all those requirements by giving His own life so that He could pay for
    everybody’s wrong doing, even that of serial killers. What is the worst punishment you want to
    give a serial killer? Death of his/her own life right? Well, Jesus already paid that by allowing
    Himself to be killed.
    For those who believe that He is who He says He is, that is those who receive Him into their
    heart, to be their Lord and Savior, they receive this free gift of right standing or blamelessness
    with God Almighty (righteousness)
  3. Christians serve a living God. All other representatives of those religions died and stayed
    dead. But Jesus died and rose again.
    From the early church, the first disciples who were eyewitnesses kept harping on the
    resurrection of Jesus.
    By Biblical accounts, The non-believing Jews did not refute Jesus’ resurrection, instead they
    focused on stopping the disciples from blaming them for Jesus’ death.
    Even nonbelievers like Flavius Josephus, a first century Jewish historian, wrote about Jesus
    and His brother James (the antiquities of the Jews Book 20, section 200.) Joephus was not a
    christian but he also wrote about a lot of the things which the Bible writes about. Eg. how James
    the brother of Jesus was killed. How the family of Anaias were Jewish High Priests. The roman
    rules etc
    Mind you, no other religion even bothers to claim that their founder resurrected from death.
  4. He is a humble God: Jesus served His disciples, and those who came to listen to His
    teaching. He did not embarrass the poor, sick or needy, people who were humble or who were
    honestly seeking God. And as powerful and all knowing as He is, He still gives mankind the
    free will to make choices. He does not impose Himself on people.
  5. He is ever present, everywhere: He can be everywhere all at the same time.
    The cool part of that is that For His believers, He lives inside them. As a true believer in Jesus,
    you are never alone or deserted. You don’t have to carry Him around like an object. He walks
    and talks and does things. –good things

Like He is here now, listening to us and helping me tell you these things because He loves you.
God wants everyone to come into His family so that they can have eternal salvation and not end
up in hell with satan, but also so that they can have God’s life of peace, joy, love, provision,
health, while on this earth.

  1. He is a God of relationship:
    In addition, they also come into a friendship relationship with Him. He lives in them and is
    always available to help, comfort, advise, heal, and provide.
    Because Jesus is alive, He talks to you and He hears you when you talk to HIm. Prayer reminds
    you and keeps you rooted in the fact that you are talking to a living God. The answer to that
    improbable situation, those miracles of healing, deliverance keeps you remembering that only a
    God who is alive could do that.
  2. He performs miracles to meet needs, because He loves human beings. He heals people.
    There is no illness that is too great for Him. Even things that medicine can not cure. To Him,
    cancer is in the same category as the cold and flu. All we have to do is believe he can heal us
    and present ourselves and our problems to Him with that mindset of total belief.
    These points are all taken from what the Holy Bible says about the christian God. The Holy
    Bible writes about the Crhsitian God.
    You can find out by yourself.
    Just get a copy of the Bible that suits how you like to speak English. You may want to try “New
    Living Translation” Or “New King James Version”, if you are new to reading the Bible.
    Feel free also to write to us if you have any questions about what has been said in this article.

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